fisher-price pinion gear

I can’t seem to find the pitch angle of the FP pinion gear. I don’t have pitch gear tool. It seems like an odd size, can anybody help?

32 Diametral Pitch, 20 degree pressure angle. I am 100% positive of these numbers.

Thanks Paul,
Do you know where I can order the actual driven 72 tooth gear. I can’t track it down as Mabuchi makes motors and I can’t locate the manufacturer of the gears. I use them in robot class and need to bulk order them. I use Mabuchis and these gears to create drive trains. We scale down to a 1/3 the FRC contest from previous year. To buy these gears as steel or acetal is expensive.


The only way I know to get the driven gear is to go to a powerwheels distributor and order the whole gearbox. It is not that expensive. I know the gear only costs a few cents, but I do not know how to just get that gear.

I think a TON of teams only use the F-P motor, that leaves a lot of excess F-P transmissions. I would put out a plea for teams to drop their extras in the mail to you.

It is worth a shot.

Joe J

Bah… Buying the gear from MSC is less expensive than buying the whole gearbox.

Also, if you are going to buy many, you may want to go to Stock Gears, Inc., who is the original manufacturer.

Good luck,

I have contacted the Mattell people who oversee FP and they can get single gear. Will post when I get final answer