Fisher Price trade

We are going to the NJ Regional and are looking for Fisher Price motors for spares.

We have:
Van Door
Drill gearboxes
Drill Mounts

PM me if you can help. Thanks!

(edit) added Globes


We didn’t use our Fisher Price motors at all…is there any chance you perhaps didn’t use your Van Door motor?

Either way…we can send you the Fisher Price motors either way…send me an email at:

[email protected]


im assuming thats for the arm that broke at the UTC scrim?

Andy, Team 237 will be at the NJ regional with an extra Fisher Price, and will trade for a globe. Is that good for you??

Speaking of trading, we could use 2 FP motors and gearboxes as well for backups, we will be at STL and Midwest, we have Seat and a dril motor and gearbox available…Let me know

I can’t guaruntee anything, but we will have a 2004 FP+Gearbox +2x2003 FP gearboxes as spares.

If you break something and really need it, we can probably give you at least a gearbox.

Hey Ricky,
Look me up in St. Louis. I don’t know if I should speak for the team, but we are not using the FP, and could probably use a backup drill motor/gearbox.

We had a sprocket come off at UTC scrim but did not break anything else. We did smoke a motor in practice last Monday when we lost a PWM cable to our 2nd lift motor.

Elgin and bigqueue, I accept your offers, see my PM or e-mail to you.