Fisheye Cameras

My team bought this fisheye camera from Amazon.

The only problem is that it is hardwired to output 1080p at 60 FPS, so we ran into the problem where we were either streaming at 200 mbps or streamed at 1 fps. Our solution, use a raspberry pi for video compression. The next failure, it wouldn’t communicate with the radio. We spent about an hour connected to the field trying to diagnose the problem, and eventually got it to work. But my programmer told me they had to do some very conveluded process that took forever and would never work in a reasonable time before the match started. We had teams like 118, 3005, 624, as well as the FTA trying to help us fix our problem. It never worked so we reverted back to the Microsoft life cams. I have no problems with these cameras, but the only readily available mounting spot for the camera limits our field of view to basically our intake and the ground 1-2 ft in front of our robot, hence the desire for fisheye cameras.

The question: does anyone know any fisheye cameras that we can plug straight into the roboRIO and stream two cameras at decent FPS and acceptable latency?

We used that camera this year as one of our 4 camera array. We found that opening the ip address of the camera on an internet browser allowed us to modify the settings. Limiting color and using a manual whitebalance helped alot with lag. Our code also set its resolution to 160x120. It has worked very well for us.

Edit: All of our cameras are through the robotic and we usually only pull about 2.5 megabytes.

Ok. We will try that, I think we really only tried limiting the resolution and frame rate in the driver station, not with the actual camera. Thanks!

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