FIT 2020 Events

Hey! Since the 2020 events were released for FiT, what do you see happening next season?
Here’s some questions I’m gonna pass off to y’all, and I wanna see what y’all think.
•Do you think 2 field dcmp will become a thing?
•Do you think there will be overly easy events, and super hard ones? Like week 4 (?) With Dallas, Houston, and Austin all being on one week.
•Opinions on the new states venue? (Alamodome in San-Antonio)
•Do you think FTC will finally actually get their own state champs? (Since states being ran off of UIL, kinda like how MN does states with mshml or however you say it.)
•How do you think the pits & fields will be layed out at dcmp? Do you think FTC will share pit space with us? (If they even compete at DCMP, like this years dcmp)

Alamodome in San Antonio is a bigger venue for State Championship and should be an improvement.
One day, 2 field State event will happen due to size of FiT, hopefully not in 2020.

TBA has the 2020 FiT events posted for Texas

In the past, two-field events are automatically populated separately on TBA / FIRST’s website (ie divisions are separate ‘events’). Because of this, we can infer that FiT DCMP is not going to be two-field so early on.

Is this the full event list? Am I missing something? No district events in San Antonio? Last year this event was basically full off home teams alone. I suppose the New Braunfels event just takes the place, but that seems like an inconvenience to the SA teams and I don’t see how that addresses the already over-populated problem.

Yup, SA is now states.

2020 FiT Schedule Google Sheet
List Diff tab shows teams added after home events.

16 total FiT rookie teams are registered,
8019, 8053, 8055, 8088, 8098, 8114, 8123, 8144, 8148, 8150, 8177, 8210

4 rookie teams were added between Event 1 & Event 2 rounds.
8216 , 8233, 8247, 8265

2 veteran-rookie teams
324 (from 118)
2687 (from 2468)

5 veteran teams have not yet registered
647 , 2721 , 3028, 3035, 3043

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Sometime last week, I noticed that the number of registered teams was 197. However, as of today, the FIRST site says that there are 258 teams registered in the FIT district. The last seven teams have extremely weird numbers. Not sure what to make of this:

I think those are duplicate rookie teams. Dino Nuggies are listed twice and their actual team number is 8415.

704 appears to have died again and isn’t actually registered for any events but is on the list :frowning:

I reached out to Jess Jankowitsch (Program Director for FIRST in Texas), and here was her response:

There are 196 teams this season.

258 is the # of teams that have registered in TX across all time. The system you're looking at doesn't differentiate teams that no longer exist.

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