FIT Closed to the public

The FIRST in Texas Board of Directors and FIRST in Texas leadership have made the decision that the remainder of our events moving forward will now be closed to the public. All attendees must be registered team members (student or coach/mentor) in the Team Registration System or registered and assigned volunteers in the Volunteer Management System (VMS).

In addition, we recommend that teams consider bringing only essential personnel in order to limit the number of people present at the event. Please consider carefully which team members you need present at the event for participation. While we do not want to strictly limit the number to team members or mentors, we do want to limit spectators by encouraging them to stay home and cheer on their favorite teams online.

It is clear that we, as a country, are entering a new and uncertain time as we work through how to handle COVID-19. We have decided that limiting the size and scope of all remaining events, in addition to our prior actions, gives us the best chance to provide teams with the opportunity of being able to play out their season while addressing health and safety concerns.

FIRST in Texas is in constant communication with FIRST headquarters, venues, and local authorities. We will continue to actively monitor the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation and will adjust operations as needed based on guidelines and policies as established by local, state, and national public health officials.

Our full COVID-19 Statement and any updates we make can be found here:

Thank you for your flexibility and understanding.


Did I miss a page on the website? I cannot find this announcement anywhere but here, including the FiT official COVID-19 page.

I completely understand trying to get teams to play, but if you are concerned enough to not allow outside spectators and ask teams to limit their team members then perhaps you should be concerned enough to cancel such a gathering. What does limiting outside spectators even by you? In the case of this event where most of the people attending are under the age of 18, they will have to meet those spectators (guardians) on Sunday night at their homes anyway. With such a diverse group of people across a wide location base and age demographic (students, volunteers, mentors, spectators) it feels like this is the perfect type of event to be proactive instead of reactive.


I volunteer at various events in Texas and received an email notification this morning, 12 March with the same information.

Update: Week 3 events in FIT postponed…


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