FiT District - Del Rio 2019

This will be the first year for Del Rio HS, home of 4063 to host an FRC event.
Del Rio is a small town so all of the teams will be travelling to compete (except 4063).

42 Teams - Del Rio Blue Alliance Link

Twitch Webstream

This will be the final play for many teams hoping to qualify for the state event.

Does anyone have footage from Semis1 Match1 or Semis1 Match2? Please PM me and share the link.

Full archive on Sunday:

6:19:00 is the start of semifinal 1
6:44:30 is the start of semifinal 2

Thanks. Congratulations on the WFAA nomination. I hope you get the nod at the DCMP. You definitely deserve the recognition. I especially enjoyed the conversation we had about drive teams.

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Thank you! I really appreciate it!

Hopefully at states we get to play with you guys instead of against you 4 times!

SF 1 M1
SF 1 M2

All elim matches just got linked up to TBA Del Rio Page.

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