FiT Rodeo Rankings - 2023

Let’s kick off the FiT Rodeo Rankings with only the FiT teams that competed in Week 1.

Feel free to add your own predictions or rankings.
Let’s grow the FiT community on CD.


with all the whiney memey finals excitement (and deservedly so) 3005 and 2468 probably didn’t get the attention they deserve. Put up some great numbers at Dallas!


honored to be ranked this high :eyes:
1745 hopes to continue to impress :saluting_face:


Love the idea of growing the FIT community here on CD. Out of curiosity on what basis did you rank the teams? From what ive seen 6800 and 1477 should be higher due to their statistical performance. Here is the statbotics analysis of week 1 in FIT. Once again Im excited to keep the FIT community on Chief expanding!

Linked is the top 20 teams ranked by EPA
Teams in yellow have not competed yet and it is an invalid rank as of right now

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5503 Tiger Trons are 48th…for now…I hope! :grin: Playing in Belton this weekend with Wednesday and Thing!!!


It was great to see the amazing performance by the fellow Austin area teams at Waco! Howdy Bots 6377, Valor 6800 and Lady Cans 2881 all ranked well and were super competitive. Lady Cans also picked up their first blue banner, huge accomplishment great job y’all!


Absolutely love y’alls robot this year! So zippy and arguably the third fastest cycler at Dallas this past week.

I love this new Statbotics bubble chart and at least with our teams’ points numbers it is within 2 points of what our scouters data averaged out.

Right now 3005 has the big lead



Huge shout out to you guys as well! loved competing with and against you guys this last week at Waco. 2158 is looking like they are off to an amazing start.

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Im so happy for 2881, many of my teammates, myself included, have friends on the lady cans, and its well past time they picked up a blue banner, especially considering their fantastic performance in 2022.


Take a look at 8088-- consistent performance each match and a smart, confident, and calm drive team. Probably a top 20 bot in the state right now. They and 2881 won that banner, we were just along for the ride. The future of Texas FRC is so bright with teams like them and 9128, among others.


Looking forward to comps this weekend.

Belton should get interesting without any of the typical teams known on the national level. Another of my mentors has been making fun of me a little bit for hyping up 3802, but I feel like they’ve been good at the “not-end-game” portion of the game since at least 2020 (maybe earlier, but that’s when I first noticed it in Plano) and with this year’s end game being “drive up bridge” and it being 3802s second competition compared to everyone elses first…I anticipate them doing well this weekend!

Energy HEROs have an event already in their pocket from prior years. and we (Pearadox) are looking to break our streak of finalist.

2789, 3029, 3743, 3802, 5503, 6901, 8088 (blue banner), 8566 (rank 9), 9034, 9311 will all be on their 2nd event :flushed:


Y’all did great this past weekend!!! Not just on the field…but off! congrats to Y’all and your awardees!!! We hope to see Y’all at state!!!


After week 2 according to

1 3005 RoboChargers 63.5 FIT District Fort Worth Event
2 118 Robonauts 53.9 FIT District Channelview Event
3 2468 Team Appreciate 53.4 FIT District San Antonio Event
4 1477 Texas Torque 51.8 FIT District Houston Event
5 5427 Steel Talons 50.1 FIT District Channelview Event
6 6800 Valor 49 FIT District San Antonio Event
7 6672 Fusion Corps 46.8 FIT District Fort Worth Event
8 2582 PantherBots 46.2 FIT District San Antonio Event
9 148 Robowranglers 44.8 FIT District Fort Worth Event
10 5414 Pearadox 42 FIT District Belton Event
11 6377 Howdy Bots 41.7 FIT District San Antonio Event
12 324 Chips 41.5 FIT District Channelview Event
13 624 CRyptonite 40.8 FIT District Houston Event
14 1745 The P-51 Mustangs 40 FIT District Amarillo Event
15 3310 Black Hawk Robotics 39.3 FIT District Fort Worth Event
16 3847 Spectrum -△◅ 38.9 FIT District Houston Event
17 9128 ITKAN Robotics 38.9 FIT District Fort Worth Event
18 3035 Droid Rage 38 FIT District Channelview Event
19 4206 Robo Vikes 37.9 FIT District Fort Worth Event
20 5892 Energy HEROs 37.5 FIT District Belton Event
21 3802 :sparkles:RoboPOP​:sparkles: 37.2 FIT District Belton Event
22 2881 Lady Cans 36.2 FIT District San Antonio Event
23 5417 Eagle Robotics 33.9 FIT District Amarillo Event
24 2714 :hotsprings: BBQ :hotsprings: 33 FIT District Fort Worth Event
25 2158 ausTIN CANs 32.8 FIT District Houston Event

Many of these teams will be seeing the field for the second time this week with some notable teams getting a first play.

This week’s events.

Fort Worth

Fort Worth is going to be very strong on the top end.

3005 currently sitting at the top, but 148 and 3310 will get their first play and will likely push for that number one spot. 6672 and 9128 had a very good showings in Waco. I expect 4602 will likely have something to say about the final standings playing in their home gym. Will likely be some very high scores and grids close to filling up at this event if the qualification schedule sets up right.

San Antonio

San Antonio is a large event for a district with 44 teams and has a pretty deep field with 13 teams currently at or above a 30 point EPA where Ft. Worth has 8. Based on earlier events it appears 2468 sits atop the standings coming in after their win in Dallas. 6800 is in second after a strong showing and a deep playoff run in Waco. 2582 is sitting in the 3rd spot with a run to the finals in Dallas. 6377 was the number one seed in Waco. 2881 was a winner in Waco. 2687 was one of the best cube scoring robots in Dallas. 3679 was the 2 seed and Finalist in Belton. 4063 is making their first play and they always have a solid robot. I know I am leaving out some other great teams that will play a large impact on this event like 5572 playing in their hometown, or 1296 with their super cool turret on a mini swerve. I think the elimination matches at this event will be spectacular. I think the top 3 or 4 alliances will be fairly evenly matched, and the score differentials will be pretty low.

Looking forward to this weekend.


Week 3 might be the best week of FiT matches.
The bubble charts on Statbotics are neat !

The next 3 weeks are going to be nail biters!!! We know we are going to drop from our top ten in FIT points this week…the subsequent weeks are going to be interesting…we already have done two events…now we wait to see how far we drop…

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I suspect a team will need to be in the high 40’s maybe 50 district ranking points to make it to FiT District Champs this year. Currently the 80th team is sitting at 23 points with most teams having not competed in their second event and some still haven’t competed in a single event. Looking at last year the lowest point team I can see is 49, but that is just looking through the list and doing math in my head the point totals from the district championship itself.

2023 rankings

2022 rankings


Currently, we are in 10th…our points are not stellar…Arguably…this is the only way to beat 118, 6800, 624, and a few others!!! LOL!

Seriousness aside, we are better in points this year than last…and we went to state. That said, I am still worried about advancement. Until I see our team on the list to go…I will still stress.

I figured IF the teams below us ALL score 30ish points+…we may fall to high 40s to low 50s. And that is taking out the first nine out of the equation.

Last year, we had 54 points and went to state…this year we are at 66. Your point is valid.

Congrats to all the teams and Alliances! Y’all did great!!!

Only 3 more to go until State!!!