Five years in FIRST and I am very proud!

Holy cow! Five years in FIRST and it only gets better!
Skyway has supplied wheels to FIRST for ten years.
Ten years ago Dean called Ken for wheels. Ken said yes.
Man, we love helping you guys and gals get good wheels. :wink:

Bart at

Team 25 has used modified Skyways for the past 3 years. They’ve done their job quite well. Thanks for the great products!

Thanks for providing the kit wheels last year! After some modification, they worked beautifully with our omniwheels.


Our dedicated suppliers/sponsors always deserve a round of applause and a hearty congratulations for putting up with us all these years (especially during crunch time of the 6 weeks!)

I would also like to personally commend your company for doing something that few sponsors and suppliers who’s websites I have visited do.
That is the fact that you have right on your front page that you sponsor/supply FIRST and it’s teams. But that is a whole other thread all together.

I do have one question though, do you sponsor any other organizations like FIRST or individual non-FIRST related projects?

This is our fourth year in FIRST and our fourth year using Skyway wheels. You are the only place I’ve found with such a large selection (and large size) of wheels available with keyway bores. Keep up the good work.