Fiveawesomerobots Project


Team 1700 has decided to start a new project that we would like to call Fiveawesomerobots! The idea is to have five different FIRST robotics teams that will take turns vlogging throughout the build and competition season. Each team will be assigned to one of the days Monday-Friday, such that each Monday a video will be posted by team X and each Tuesday a video will be posted by team Y. The videos would be posted on YouTube, and the five teams would all share the account so that the videos will be in one place.

Now, if your team is interested let us know! We are hoping to be able to get a variety of FIRST teams from across the United States (maybe even around the world) to participate in this project. The goal would be to share what teams are working on in a way that is easy to find, and would allow concepts to be explained and given feedback to. The email address that we can be contacted at is and the YouTube channel is

If you don’t think your team would like to participate let us know if you have any feedback on this idea. We would love to know what other members of the FIRST community would like to see out of this project.

I like the sound of this, but unfortunately I’m not in charge of this stuff on the team. (It doesn’t say blogging under my username.) I will be emailing the man in charge and getting his opinion, though. I’d like to get our team to do it.

Hey there!
Don’t know if you got my email or not…

but my name’s Campbell. I’m a part of Team 3504 and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE
to be a part of this.

Actually my friend Miranda (who’s on 234) and I have already been vlogging to each other, so this is perfect!

Anyway! My email’s


Team 295 would be thrilled to participate in something like this. I’m not quite sure what constitutes vlogging and what to include, but I’m sure we’ll work it out.
You can contact me at

We are still looking for one more team! Let us know if you are interested.

Some of the students from The Flying Platypi are interested in the project. They are having a meeting soon and will bring this up during the meeting.
This is a great idea and we’ll try to get back to you!

This is pretty much the best idea ever.

We have found all the teams we need and the first video is up! This week we will be posting intro videos for all of the teams, and this Saturday the real vlogging will start at kickoff. We are trying to see how we could incorporate other teams that are interested but for now here is the link to the channel

If more slots become available, I’m certain our team, D5 Robotics would be thrilled to contribute anything we can.

Looks awesome!! Can’t wait to see more videos, especially once Build Season starts. :slight_smile:

So we have decided to have seven teams do the project! We have room for one more team, so email us ASAP at if your team is interested!

P.S. The second video is up!

Subscribed! Love it! I can’t wait until the build season progresses!

Very cool stuff 1700. Maybe we will start off our meetings by watching the video from the day before! Thanks for putting this together.

The fiveawesomerobots project was a great thing to watch over the season!

If you plan on doing it again, 256 would love to sign up for next year!