Fix-it Window and Mechanisms

I tried searching for the answer to this, and the manual seems to conflict itself, so maybe somebody can help me.

Let’s say we build our robot and several spare mechanisms for competitions. Let’s use an arm for example. We build a complete second arm (mechanism) and include it in the shipping crate <R12> and ship it with the robot.

In our first regional, the arm on our robot is damaged and we replace it with the spare arm (which is identical and was shipped with the robot) and complete the regional. However, we want to fix our arm during the Fix-it window. So, following rule <R13>, we bring our damaged arm (mechanism) home and repair it.

However, we are not allowed to bring mechanisms to the next regional event, so how do we get our mechanism back to the event? Are we only allowed to make the pieces that make up the mechanism, and then have to assemple it at the regional?

Or are we on GP to say that it is a “Fix-it Window” piece?

Just curious…

As I read <R16> and <R24>, you would be allowed to take the arm home, repair it, and bring it back to the following competition event IF it weighs less than 25 pounds. If it weighs more than 25 pounds (or you are also repairing other parts back at home, and the sum total of all the parts exceeds 25 pounds), then you would have to remove enough mechanisms and/or components from the arm to bring it under the 25 pound limit. If this is not possible, then you could take the arm home but you could not bring it with you to the next competition event.


**note: this is not an official FIRST answer. Only FIRST can provide official determinations of the rules. This is just my interpretation of the text that we all have available to us.

I totally understand what you are saying. But, FIRST seems to be going out and specifically labeling what are components, parts, and mechanisms to make what we can and cannot bring with us a spare very clear.

And, it seems to me they say we can bring mechanisms home to make spare parts for that mechanism, but don’t say anything about bring a repaired mechanism back.

It just seems confusing to me that they say we can bring mechanisms home to repair, but they don’t really say you can bring them back. If you can only make spare parts for that broken mechanism, you would be better to ship the broken mechanism after noting what you need to make to fix it and then bring the new spare parts or components to the next event to fix it.

Thanks for the reply.

How about going to the FIRST official Q&A site and asking them? If anyone, they would know the answer.


Q: We ship a spare MECHANISM (arm for ex.) to our first regional with the robot. The actual arm gets damaged & we use the spare arm since it was shipped with the robot. Can we take home the damaged MECHANISM (arm) and repair it?
A: Yes. See R16 and R24.