Fix limelight see non existent april tags

I’m using a limelight 3 to track april tags, and every once and a while it sees an april tag that doesn’t exist for a split second.


Is there a way to tune the limelight around this?

Besides the usual tuning for contrast, brightness, etc, you can also filter out IDs that don’t exist on the field, and use the area filter to make sure to only include tags that are big enough.

How do I do that?

what firmware version are you on? The latest firmware was supposed to fix this issue.

2023.2, should I update?

I recommend updating to 2023.4. Here is the changelog from the limelight page about improving what you are observing:

New Quality Threshold for AprilTags

Spurious AprilTags are now more easily filtered out with the new Quality Threshold slider. The default value set in 2023.3 should remove most spurious detections.

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