Fix my 120mhz Computer

I’m trying to fix up my 120mhz computer…

First thing that went wrong was monitor but that was easy.

What the problem is now is that the computer (running Windows 95) does not detect the cd-drive… Since it’s windows 95, I go to the control panel, add hardware, detect, click add, but then it requires the Win95 install CD to get the right drivers/files for it… do you see the paradox in doing this? Yeah… so how can I get my cd drive to read? I know power is getting to it as I can open/close it.

Make sure the IDE cable is connected properly.

If it is, and you need drives from Win95, try to find a floppy disk set of Win95 (or at least the drivers).

Or, if the comp has internet on it, I am sure you can find drivers on the net somewhere.

One word:


Couldn’t find a picture of the copier-beat-down scene, but I think you get the reference.

Seriously though, take the harddrive out, set it as a slave, put it in a computer that does work, then use that computer to copy all the 95 .cab files onto that harddrive.

That and why are you trying to fix a 120mhz in the first place?

why are you trying to use win95? at least, use 98, it’s actually somewhat stable :p. well, after you get the cd-rom working by dan’s method, that is. :slight_smile:

one test though, if the computer can boot from the CD-ROM, try putting a cd in, and booting from the CD-ROM. if that fails, it’s something outside of windows, if that works, you have to fix windows.