Fix or Mod a controller

Can anyone here fix a controller, and or mod it to have diff parameters ?

If your 2007 controller is broken, it has a warranty. Call IFI and work out getting it fixed. If you want to change something about how the 2007 controller electrically works, you can’t, that’s not allowed in the rules.

If you’re not on a team and wanting this for some other reason… We we’re all a bit busy at the moment, so I’m not sure you’ll get any takers, and we don’t regularly mod the controller since it’s illegal anyways.

I’m sorry for not say’n this is for my electric wheelchair. It’s a Penny&Giles controller. And ya I was told you guys have your hands full right now, I’ll wait till you have some time…

Don’t expect anybody on this forum to have any knowledge of the controller you’re talking about. Instead of waiting for someone to have time to give you an answer when the end of the six-week build season comes around in late February, you might ask in other places that would be more relevant to your situation.

Thanks, I’m new to all this and just didnt know where to look for help at …