Fixing the drill motor you dropped

yepper those drill motors are a good geometry lesson in a perfect cylinder, they roll real good onto the floor.First you need to prevent the rolling can you see this happening in the pits OMG!!!.Note the 2 holes in the case look in the holes and observe the rotor lives in there .Take a 1/4 in long piece of dowel or rod stock and press it into the hole untill it bottoms on the rotor then pull it out 1/16, bond it in place using crazy glue or whatever you have on hand in the recess provided.Do this on both sides if you wish.Now it cant fall out of bed heheheeh.
There is a wimpy brush holder retainer bar that breaks and the brush holder falls out .Using a piece of copper wire. fashion a retainer (bridge)below the broken one and bond in place using a epoxy glue or crazy glue.You may not need this it is optional depending on damage.
But a 2 pin mated disconnect from the automotive store its used for trailer hookups very reliable,polarized and wire sizing is good.Solder the disconnect wire to the underside of the brush solder tab,then form it over to the motor end frame and create a loop to allow the wire to be captured by a band later. Go to part 2 now.