FL - Panther Prowl 2013

Florida FRC Teams:

Registration is open for Panther Prowl 2013! Here’s this year’s info:

WHO: All FRC teams and 2014 pre-rookie teams
WHAT: Panther Prowl Off-Season of Ultimate Ascent
WHERE: Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL
WHeN: September 28th, 2013
COST: $200 if registered by 7/1/2013, otherwise $250

Additionally, the Pre-Prowl Powwow will again be held this year starting on 9/27 to provide fun, games, and overnight accomodations the night before the event.

If you have any questions or are ready to register, check us out online at http://floridatech.orgsync.com/org/firstatfit. Questions can also be posted here on CD.

Well see you on the field!
Panther Prowl Planning Committee

Great to hear this event is happening again!

Just a reminder, tomorrow is the last day for teams to receive the $50 off early bird discount, so register your team right away!

Teams that are registered or in the process of registering:
180 SPAM
801 Horsepower
1065 The Moost
1251 TechTiger Robotics
1523 Mega Awesome Robotics Systems
1592 Bionic Tigers
1649 EMS
2152 SMASH
2916 Bionic Bears

If your team is not listed, and you are planning to come to Panther Prowl 2013, please register your team or contact us by the end of the day tomorrow to lock in the reduced price - you may register online at http://www.floridatech.orgsync.com/org/firstatfit or contact us at charris2010@my.fit.edu

We look forward to seeing you on the field!
Panther Prowl Planning Committee

So I am curious as to why we only have 15 teams bringing 18 robots to the event, is there any reason(s) why previous attendees aren’t attending or haven’t appeared on the website yet?

Looking at last years attendees we don’t have:
21 ComBBat
386 Team Voltage
1369 Minotaur
2757 Built And Dangerous
3502 OctoPiRates
4197 Lacoochee Cowboys

The website list is accurate as of today - 15 teams with 18 robots. We still anticipate several more teams registering who are unable to do so until the school year starts.

That said, if you have friendson a team that hasn’t yet registered, please help spread the word! While we attempt to get in contact with a mentor from every Florida team, the more people that know, the merrier!

Panther Prowl Planning Committee

The Octo-Pi-Rates have not registered yet because apparently we need a little more money. I know that we have more than $200, but I think that we want money for food/gas… I hope that we will be able to come, because we are upgrading much of our programming, including our Vision Processing.:smiley:

When is the last day to register?

There is no specific deadline for registration. However, once we have a full elimination bracket of 24 robots (we’re 5 away right now, since Minotaur registered today), we will freeze registration and begin a wait list. If the wait list grows large enough we can make certain changes to accommodate the additional robots. Essentially we will either have 24 bots, or 28+ bots.

For the OctoPiRates - This year we are locking in seats when you register, not when you pay (however, there is a payment agreement section on the registration form). Thus, if the team decides that they will definitely attend but need more time to raise the money, I encourage you to register and reserve your seat. We’re happy to work with teams to take payment as late as the day of the competition, if necessary. I do ask that if there is still uncertainty about the team’s attendance that you wait to register, though.

Panther Prowl Planning Committee

Just registered. Hopefully I can work with the school soon and pay for the registration. Thanks.

So now we have 19 teams bringing 22 robots now so lets update the list of those we don’t have from last year:

21 ComBBat
2757 Built And Dangerous
3502 OctoPiRates
4197 Lacoochee Cowboys

I am curious with the cut off being 24 is that teams or robots? Meaning if a team signs up after we have 24 robots will the organizers ask one of the teams bringing two bots to not bring the second or will the new team be wait listed

And repeatedly calling out the teams that aren’t attending again does what exactly?

Repeatedly isn’t just two times. He was just posting a list of teams that came last year but aren’t signed up for this year. This event isn’t to the size yet where it gets influxes of new teams and doesn’t necessarily have to have every “home team” come to it. Its not like he is targeting these teams in any kind of spiteful manner.

The cutoff will be robot-based. Once there are 24 robots, even if that’s 20 or 21 teams, we will waitlist additional registrations. Based on interest level from the previous attendees (which is relatively high), I anticipate that we will be able to expand the event and accept everyone on the wait list, but we will make the final determination once we know for sure who is interested.

Panther Prowl Planning Committee

What about Bacon?

If you read the original message where I listed them I was asking for members of the teams to comment on if they were interested in coming and were just waiting ( such as 3502 did) I never meant to call anyone out I just want this event to succeed

It is more than the pan can handle?

Let’s just say James has a good reason for doing this and there is a reason why Florida only has one offseason event. :cool:

I am confused about how we used to have two events in Mission Mayhem and Tempest N’ Tampa, and we had less teams but that is a discussion for another thread at another time

TNT fell through due to negotiations with our venues. Plus a few of our mentors are quite busy with life.

We have reached the 24 robot quota, and temporarily frozen registration. I know there are still many teams interested out there who were waiting for the school year to register. If you are from one of these teams, please have a mentor follow the instructions on the Registration page of our website as soon as possible so that your team can be registered if and when registration re-opens.

We are working with our venue to confirm what additional space can be secured for seating. Right now, we believe that registration can be reopened if there are at least three additional teams, with a new maximum of 30 teams total. We will update the website as more information becomesavailable.

Also, special thanks to Team Voltage (#386), who are coordinating a mentor workshop to be offered by National Instruments at Panther Prowl on LabVIEW. Details will be posted as they become available. If your team is interested in spearheading a workshop, please get in touch with us.

This year promises to be bigger and better than last year already, with many exciting plans in the works. Stay tuned to our website and this CD thread for more information!

Panther Prowl Planning Committee

I sent an email through the “contust us” a few days ago. I am looking for an invoice. Thank you.