Flag for MC at the Competitions

My team is (finally) going to make a flag this year.

Anybody who has a flag:
Did you make it your self or was it made professionally?
what is it made out of (felt, fabric, ect.)?
Hob big did you make it?
How big is the stick holding it? Type of material for the stick?

It would be great if you could attach a picture!

thank you!

Self made, cloth, 3x 2.5 i’d say, 4 ft pvc pipe

Self made, nylon cloth, 4x3?, 4-5 ft aluminum pipe

190: Self made, felt ~4’x3’, probably about a 5’ PVC pipe

971: Self made, Nylon, roughly the same dimensions, 6’ PVC pipe

Make it bright and keep it light! That is a lot of work to wave all those flags / banners for hours and hours! :slight_smile:

we had it made professionally but we had one of our members design it a couple months ago.

where did you have it made? website?

I’m not sure you want to consult our mentors, send PM to Wayne C.

Speaking as someone who has had to carry those flags on the field here’s some pointers.

Make it festive, but keep it on the light side. Generally a rule of thumb, we’d prefer to only have to use 1 hand to carry it. (See Wildstang’s flag and Robotic Plague’s flag for examples of huge flags)

Other than that, make it reflect your team, so when it’s waved people will recognize it.

I thought 294’s had a PVC pipe…at least it did when Mark Leon was carrying it and it broke!:ahh:

(The penalty for it breaking was that they had to do the math…to figure out what force it took to break it.)

actually we don’t have a flag so I cant help you. Sorry. Of course somebody doesn’t know that…

WC :yikes:

Yeah it did, hence the switch.

I would also recommend keeping the flag pole to one section. We tried multiple or expanding sections in the past. This never seemed to work well as we either left sections at home or it broke. Honestly though if your flag needs more then one section its too big.

Last year we used styrofoam boards we cut into designs attached to sticks that worked well.