Flag Holder Mounts

In the FIRST Rules (R17) it said that the flag holder must be permanently mounted and we were wondering if hose clamps were considered permanently mounted. If not, can yall give us any ideas on how to mount it. Much appreciated.

I don’t think C-clamps count. Try zip ties or bolts.

Hose clamps are not c clamps. Hose clamps to a secure structure should be OK.

Zip ties? Are you sure? I wouldn’t consider that “permanent”, and our team has always avoided them…

Yeah, but it passes inspection. In 2006, my team had the flag holder with us, but not mounted. Two zip ties later, it was mounted pretty strongly to our hopper. We never changed it.

We used zip ties without any problem last year… as for permanency… you try taking them off without some kind of tools! I think the term “permanent” means more in the temporal sense of you aren’t taking them off every match, or having to re-tighten or adjust them than it does in the structural sense that they can never be removed without destroying the robot.


:smiley: zip ties or hose clamps should be fine. Many teams have used them and passed tech.

Hose clamps are fine. The more important question is what are yoy making them out of?

The Manual says 1/2inch schedule 40 pvc. The real stuff has an ID of 5/8 inch. (Its a construction thing.) Please make sure you have the right stuff.

We had a team at the Suffield Shakedown Scrimmage today that kept on losing its flag. After being asked to take a look at it as an Inspector, the team had used 3/8 pvc, with an ID of 1/2 inch. The rubber plug holding the flag did not fir hence, their flag kept coming out.

Please double check your flag holder ID.

I wouldn’t use zip ties. WHile it may pass inspection, two broken zipties later your lap counter is dragging on the field not counting laps.

What’s going to break the zip ties? You cinch the holder to your support for the holder. There won’t be enough room to get something in to break it.

A 7.5 lb Ball com,ing down on top of your flag, well, that would probably destroy the flag anyway.