Got some questions about flagging for the CD Moderati –

How many flags does it take to hide a post? Can this number be adjusted? Can this feature be disabled?

Do you all see who flags posts? Can you remove the ability for an individual user to flag posts?



In addition, is there a way to change any of the text in the flag menu?

I feel the phrase “It is not useful or relevant to the current topic.” in spam could be confused with off topic.


Brandon will have to bring the answers for most of these, but:

  • Yes, moderators can see who did the flagging as well as who acted on the flag.
  • Moderators can disagree with or ignore the flag, which removes it.
  • There’s a mix of agree, disagree, and ignores in the history already, which all moderators can see. (On vBulletin, any report created a mod forum thread; it was on a moderator to post in that thread with whatever action he or she took.)



Have you, in your experience, seen a post with a single flag that had it’s content automatically hidden? If so, which flag was used?


These settings are all configurable, and we’ll be tweaking as time goes on to make it work for us.
Most of them I left at the default Discourse values to start with.


I reported one last night, took just my flag (afaik) to make it hidden. I marked the post as spam.