How do teams get their flags? We are trying to get one before we leave for St. Louis on Tuesday but are unsure if there’s a place where we can buy one online. Purchasing one in St. Louis is also an option. Thanks in advance for your replies.

They make them.

Do you mean Flag, as in This?

Or Standard, as in This?

A flag, not a standard. The item you would give the MC to wave around to introduce your team.

In that case, most teams make 'em themselves. We had a mentor/parent that was good with sewing and worked with our art department to make a nice flag.

We just bought a printed vinyl banner and got a loop sewed on the side for a pvc pipe. It’s a little heavy though not recommended

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We brought our digital image to a local sign and banner printing company. IIRC, they sent it out for a real fabric print and it took a couple of weeks. You can probably get a silk screen and/or vinyl lettering in a few days.

If you want something quickly, you can cut the logo portion off of one of your team shirts, sew it to some maroon fabric, sew on some white numbers, and attach it to a pole. This may not be as fancy as you would like, but I’m sure a couple people on your team could accomplish this in one evening.

Best of luck on Curie!

And please put your team number clearly visible on the top of the pole (in addition to any placement on the flag) to help the “flag ninjas” quickly find the correct flag for the intros and for storage between matches.

Our input

There are no regulations regarding the flags, but I know some MCs personally, and heavy flags are generally not enjoyed.

For the pole, I recommend “Schedule 40” PVC pipe, 3/4" . This is the Whiter PVC (used more for drainage) not the “yellowish off-white” CPVC used more for the pressurized side of plumbing. Both are commonly called just “PVC”.

CPVC is much more flexible, which you do not want. 1" diameter would be less flexible, but the weight increases and gripability decreases.

A rag lightly soaked in acetone will clean off the words stamped on the pipe. If you do not have a vapor mask, do this outdoors. With a fan.

The material can be anything. From the audience you can’t tell the difference between professional vinyl and a bedsheet. The bedsheet will flutter better, and the MC will be more likely to wave it.

The flag does not need to be a rectangle. The only thing you really want are you numerals, very clear. Unless the flag spends the rest of its life hung in a visible location, artwork and writings on the flag will not be noticed very much.

Here’s ours: