Where is a good place to get flags made for your team?

We made ours out of felt and PVC. It has lasted more than a decade. It’s also unreasonably heavy and we have running jokes with our MCs about that.

We got ours from University Customs.


They came with grommets, so they were easy to mount.

We got our comically large flag from Banner Buzz - we ended up with a custom size, I think ours is 6x8 or something ridiculous, but their stock 5x3 for under $40 isn’t bad if you want one that’s printed.

To Sean’s point - a light flagpole will make your MCs happy. :slight_smile:

The flagpole isn’t the heavy part of our flag. :rolleyes:

Try Posterhead for your graphics… http://www.posterhead.com

Best flags is an option, but they are REALLY expensive. If you’re crafty enough, a really really nice flag can be easily made from some fabric, a piece of 80/20 (for the pole), and zip ties.

Team flags are just an evil tool to break down your MC so you can see how truly exhausted they are beyond the energetic front they put on. I’m morally opposed to them.

Although I don’t think it was a primary design goal, our flag turned out super light. It was made by a team parent a year or two ago out of a very thin fabric. Plus we put it on a carbon fiber pole.

Psh, the weight isn’t the problem. Lemme know when you’ve fully optimized the aerodynamic drag coefficient.

Try not to go to crazy making a big flag. I heard a story of a well known emcee dislocating his shoulder waving around a teams flag during a match intro. He popped it back in and finished the job but if you’re making things that injure volunteers you probably shouldn’t make it.

What an odd response to a dislocation.

Our is lightweight satin material sewed, likely by a parent, on a wood broom handle. It has held up pretty well and waved plenty.

So… I shouldn’t try to put our flag on a pole then? Cause I was seriously considering it…

Ours is the same.

It’s sideways.

Is “made for” the only option? We’ve had good results betsy-ross’ing it with our t-shirt hot press. Granted, ours isn’t super big, but it’s cheap and effective and easily customized!

The ceiling wasn’t high enough.