Flaky behavior trying to deploy over WiFi "getaddrinfo failed"

Newbie difficulties…

We have started to experience problems trying to deploy code over WiFi to the roborio.

We issue this command:

python robot.py deploy --nc

Sometimes it works, but more frequently it errors out, apparently having difficulty connecting to the robot. Errors frequently include a statement such as “getaddrinfo failed”

Other times it endlessly displays messages such as “Connecting to… :(”

It seems like something in our computer environment or on the robot must have changed, but we can’t figure out what.

In case it may be related and provides some clues, we recently started trying to use a second roboRIO, with our same team number but an optional suffix (for WiFi differentiation). We get the same types of errors when trying to deploy to either roboRio.

Any help or clues very much appreciated!

Do you get the same results when not using --nc?

Good question, haven’t tried that. Have just been using --nc.

We did, however, also try a test with no WiFi connection and just wired USB, and that did deploy successfully a few times, but then later we got the same “getaddrinfo failed” error.

Other data in case it’s helpful: we had been using the “–nc” option quite successfully for several months this fall without these types of errors.

If it just started happening recently, there have been zero RobotPy changes, so that sounds like a local system/network issue. In particular, getaddrinfo implies that perhaps your mDNS resolver changed or was uninstalled? The frc-docs roboRIO networking page seems relevant.

We did do a ping of the robot name, and it came back fine multiple times with no issues. Will check out the networking page for more ideas, thanks.

I would check if the connection is being blocked by windows firewall now. Check out how to disable windows firewall here

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