FLASH Game Simulator - Aim High

get it here: Whitepapers
Look for Windows, Mac, and HTML versions.

Very complex, very detailed simulation of the 2006
first robotics competition game.

Please play around with the program to learn its features.

The program starts by default in “Simple Scoring” mode.
Be sure to press the button labeled “Period”, and try out
the detailed implementation of the game match rules. It’s very cool.

Hint: When a robot contains balls, a small “target” shows
near it. Drag this over a goal zone, and the robot can
shoot balls to that goal.

2084 lines of code, so there may be bugs! (Although, I’ve obviously found none in my testing) Tell me now! I’ll release an update fast if needed.

Questions, comments, and bug reports are welcome.

Thanks ChiefDelphi for hosting this!

You’ve done it again, brilliant!


And thanks for going the extra mile for MAC users- It works great.

This is great! Thanks!

As a mac user… I THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! this is awesome, i think all that is needed is like an auto probability button that does a match randomly.

Looks fantastic. A very cool tool.

I think I might have two bugs for you. FYI: I am running Windows XP.

  • During the autonomous period, the robots should only be able to carry 10 balls each maximum.
  • While adding balls to an alliance robot using the arrows, sometimes balls come from the other alliance. This is especially true for the alliance robot closest to the other alliance before the match starts and during autonomous.

Bravo!! :ahh:

This thing is incredible. Very useful. Thanks! :slight_smile:

GREAT tool! The talent of those in this community continually amazes me.

this is a pretty cool game but i know that Jack Jones has mentioned several times about making a full lbown simulation in full 3D where u can model ur robot and put it into the game.

It will also have features like programming autonomous mode and watching it run on the screen in full 3D so you don’t have to trial and error it with ur robot.

He started this project just a few months ago and he did the tetra competition but it’s not even half done so that’s gonna get scrapped.

If this huge project does get accomplished we hope to distribute it to all teams for free but it will probably be a fairly big file so we will have to see how that will work out.

Not to say that ur game isn’t great because it is just telling you what is in the works…

I have a request for a whole other Flash program since you’re amazing at it:

A layout program that allows you to take objects for the electronics system and lay them out on the screen. The program then calculates wire connections and the space needed for them and displays that. Additional features could go much further. Such as allowing you to play an obstruction so that a team could plan a layout that wraps around mechaisms, all the while showing appropriate wire paths and what not. A print feature with some basic dimensions would also be great.

Of course, I don’t expect you to do this, but if you do, we’d all love you even more.

And just to comment on the game simulator: it’s amazing.

Ah good. No bug reports :slight_smile: And thank you for your compliments everyone.

Brandon, that sounds like a great idea, but honestly, I’ve never worked on electronics: I always worked on mechanical systems. Mind you, I get the feeling that in programs like Inventor, you can already do a good deal of simulation along these ends already.

Thanks, this is really great. It works on both my Windows and Mac machines. No bugs that I found.

Thanks a ton for the app. Excellent program, quite useful, too. Not to mention it looks good at the same time! Keep up the good work.

First off, really thats quite an amazing program. It really appears to be bugless which just blows my mind. You also showed some very impressive graphical talents. I had to use the zoom feature to see all the details you put on the robots :).

Secondly, Inventor will route wires for you and I believe you can move things around after you have routed the wires. I haven’t tried it yet but I think its in there.

Just amazing, nothing else to comment

Thank you!

The mac version runs great!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! this is an amazing simulator and i will be using it a lot!! again thank you for creating it and sharing it with other people.

p.s. no bugs here!!


Sure ti will route them, but they have a habit of going straight through other components :S


nicely done