Flash game?

I heard there was a flash game of this year;s game somewhere on here. Does someone know the link?

Generally someone makes one, but I havent seen one released yet. I have Flash MX im just not that great with it.

I intend to make one over the next few days. Unless someone beats me to it, I’ll post it up. Mine will just be for scoring, it won’t be a full simulator (6 robots and moving around game pieces) like some people have done the past few years. Mine is being made mostly for strategy discussion and planning.

One of our programmers is working on a program that can calculate the best positions of the pieces based on a 8x3 tic tac toe board with no diagonals…We’ll see how that works out

I made one last year, it wasnt so much of an acurate simulator as being able to play the same game yourself with a friend.

thats the link to the thread about it. i made it over spring break when i had time. i am planning on making another one this year, but its gonna be hard for this reason: the tubes can be placed all around the rack, and no one view can show all the tubes. i would have to make like a top view of the rack with a diagram above the field showing the current status of the rack. i also got voted project manager this year so i have even less time to spend on the game. but dont worry, it will be out eventually.

I certainly won’t be doing it (I barely know easyC- that’s the extent of my programming language knowledge), but as an idea for those tackling the issue of not being able to see everything- maybe make the center display remotely similar to the pics I’ve seen of Torroid Terror, and make the rack slightly conical in shape, enough so you can see everything. I don’t know how you’d do it, but make it so that being at the right distance to score on the low spider is the same as scoring on the high spider, even though it doesn’t look it.

there’s no really good way to show the rack, but i have an idea. take the image of each colomn and bringing the bottom out, flatten it into the middle of the field. if that doesn’t make sense, let me know and i’ll try to create a picture in paint or something.