Flash HELP!

I’m in the progress of completely rewriting my team’s website from scratch and can’t find a decent pre-loader anywhere! Does anybody have suggestions on where to find one?

Specifically, I’m wanting a loading bar (to 100 %) and I want it to load the whole site.

This was last years website I built:

If you’re going to rewrite your team’s site from scratch I’d advise you to not use flash.

I agree with ernie. While it looks pretty amazing, the loader is not really looked upon as being a smart design/functionality choice.

If you use a preloader, people on slower connections (like on mobile devices) cannot any content until it has 100% loaded, which many take up to a minute or more. Without a preloader, they can at least see text and links before all the images finish loading. This is the reason why no popular websites ever use preloaders.

Flash is a tool, just like a hammer. And when you focus on using a hammer and nothing else, all problems look like nails.

Alright thanks guys. It was just a idea of mine. My menu bar and rss feed take a few seconds longer to load than the entire site but those are just minor things and I’m sure people won’t mind a few extra seconds load time. :smiley: