Flashing compact rio?

Were not quite sure what image to use to flash the compact rio. The instructions tell us to flash the compact rio, but were not sure what to use. Can you help us? What else is needs to be done to the compact rio before programming? thanks for the help.

The Crio formatting utility should have had a firmware version with it. Although the computer with the imaging tool is not in front of me I believe that you should just be able format the CRIO if your network is set up for either labview or windriver without doing anything.

The new firmware you need to flash it with is on the FRC website.

At this moment I was not able to identify that link… But it’s there somewhere

Team 2502

You need to get the latest Updates from: http://usfirst.org/frccontrolsystem
The section labeled “Software Updates” has links to the LabVIEW and Wind River updates.

The LabVIEW updates have the latest file to flash the cRIO with.
There will be updates periodically, so keep checking back.
The next update release was announced for January 15.

For Update 2 the latest available now…
After you install the update on your PC,
run the FRC cRIO Imaging Tool to reflash your cRIO.
In that you’ll be given only one choice: FRC_2009_v7.zip