Flashing firmware to OM5-AC

Hello all!

I am part of team 8032. 2020 is our rookie year. We have done FTC in the past, but this is new to us.

We are having trouble flashing firmware to the new OM5-AC.
The radio is getting powered over ethernet as shown in the picture below. Connected to Dell Windows 10 version 1903.

Hardware: Google Drive
Software: Google Drive

This is what we have done. Steps:

  1. We set the interface to Ethernet
  2. Set the team number, name, and WPA
  3. We turned off all network interfaces except ethernet
  4. We clicked load firmware
  5. Power cycled radio by rebooting the whole robot
  6. Error

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


8032 Redshift Robotics


I know the flashing process is super finicky. Following the flashing instructions EXACTLY as written can be difficult–especially for people already familiar with windows navigation.

Ensure that you are running the program with admin privileges.
Instructions just in case your missing them:

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Can you paste the whole error message, it’s cutoff.

Did you try with power connected via the power plug as opposed to using POE?

The one that ends with “try using a switch” is the same one that’s in the dialog below.
+1 for trying to switch away from power over ethernet. If that doesn’t work, I’d try swapping hardware (ethernet cable, power cable, laptop, etc - roughly in that order).
I also noticed that you’re powering the radio directly off the PDP. If you’re not actively powering anything else off the PDP, it’s probably fine, but I would recommend powering the radio off the 12V/2A rail of the VRM instead, just to be safe.

I made this document on how to do it last year. It may need a tiny bit of updating but it should help. If you need any more help feel free to message me :slight_smile: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HN8X-aAy0xmLDJMARCSB8I-zJrkvE5Q3TpjkbiW2OBI

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I’ll +1 this with extra emphasis on step 3. The majority of the time I’ve had issues flashing a radio was forgetting step 3 or plugged it the Ethernet into the wrong port on the radio.

I also vaguely recall having issues with POE before.

Also, it’s not a bad idea to verify the ethernet cord you’re using is functioning as well, as well as computer port.

Make sure you’re waiting for the radio to fully power up before trying to flash it. If you don’t wait, the computer won’t recognize the radio. That means the order should be:

  1. Connect power & ethernet
  2. Wait 2 full minutes (set a stopwatch)
  3. Start the flashing sequence

Flashing the firmware requires the radio setup utility to send special packets during the radio boot up sequence. If the radio fully boots, the utility will not be able to correctly flash the radio.

You only need to flash the radio once.

Once the radio is flashed, you can change the configuration (team info, wifi config) with the utility without flashing.

Be sure to follow the on screen instructions exactly when flashing or configuring the team information.

Make sure wireless is turned off, and the only network interface is the one used to connect to radio.

POE is only providing the power, it does not affect the flashing of the radio.

Report back when you have successfully or not configured the radio.

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