Flashing Red Robot Feedback Lights

On the Operator Interface, the four red lights to the left under the Controller Feedback section of the display blink red. I have just been trying to combine sections of two programs together, and I am sure there is an error somewhere, as both programs previously worked, independently of each other.

I’m running on tether.

I don’t need you to analyze what’s wrong with my program and guess what happened… But it would make me really happy if somebody could write back who knows what the blinking red lights mean.

If you mean the “Robot Feedback” section, then you’re OK. Those are controlled by the code.

If you mean the “Robot Controller” section, then you need to be more specific. Also look at Unknown Blinky-light type Errors for more tips.

It’s pretty common with the CMU camera code if no camera is detected the code is set to blink the top four red OI lights.
See Process_Data_From_Master_uP()

Pwm1_red ^=1:
Pwm2_red ^=1;
Relay1_red ^= 1;
Relay2_red ^= 1: