FlashLib - Robotics programming library

Hi! I’m Tom, former head programmer for team 3388 and I would like to introduce you to FlashLib.

Already 1 year in development, FlashLib is a robotics programming library developed for both FRC and non-FRC robots. It provides tools and features intended to help programmers create sophisticated robotics solutions with ease. Version 1.0.1 was just released and further development is already underway.

We created the library in the hopes of forming a community which we advance the library together, helping programmers to start developing in the field of robotics. So please, checkout the library’s GitHub page and our in-progress Wiki, try it and tell us what you think.

GitHub page: https://github.com/Flash3388/FlashLib
Wiki home: https://github.com/Flash3388/FlashLib/wiki

Impressive stuff! One thing I would suggest is instructions for deploying the library to the roboRIO, but other than that it looks great!

This looks really neat. The communication library seems like a good idea to really quickly start communicating without writing a bunch of UDP/TCP code. The dynamic vision is also quite interesting. As for the scheduler, is there any specific advantages and disadvantages to the WPILIB one. I know they are implemented differently but any details on the pro/cons?

Thanks! We are currently working on a Wiki in the GitHub project. It will take time though. There is also a possiblity for Youtube tutorial, we are still considering it.

So far the scheduler is rather basic. The major difference is that it can be used outside of robot projects and it the ability to execute simple Runnable objects as well as Action objects.

However, we are considering providing a few more sophisticated implementations for it, including prioritization and many more cool stuff. But for now, I wouldn’t say there is much difference.

Cool stuff, thanks for sharing!

Have you considered generating and publishing Javadoc pages from your source code? We’ve been doing that for our libraries and I like the system overall.

We do have javadoc, been working on it a lot. It is generated into an external jar when you build the library (flashlib-javadoc.jar). You can attach that and the generated sources jar (flashlib-sources.jar) in Eclipse.

We just released a new update with cool improvements and additions, especially for the build process. Recommend you check it out!