flashlight on board??

I have looked here and all over the game manual and don’t see any indication that we cannot have an ordinary flashlight on the bot.
Any thoughts on this?

Search is your friend.

I think that would be fine, as long as you power it off your robot battery not it’s original battery.
Remember 25 from last year had a giant headlight on the front of their robot http://screencloud.net/v/7TaJ

While teams do use flashlights by employing the above stated rules, shining a light into the eyes of your opponents is also risky.

Also, with last year’s field design the light would not shine into the driver stations as there was a wall to hold the hoops up. This year there is no wall so most likely some of the light will be at eye level and could be deemed distracting by drivers.

Just my 2 cents.

So If we turned it off except when we were about to shoot it should not be an issue.

I think you would be fine if you only light up when shooting, I know that is what 25 did last year. I would just make sure you never have it light up below the goal area.