Flat Scren Displays

Hello Folks
I am a old school first member, I was wondering does any one happen to know the name of the company that always sponsors the scoring or the displays at first competitions…

you know the flat screens next to the informaiton desk that display the current standing and all that… i am trying to find the name of the sponsor to the best of my recollection the name starts with H or something like that but i cant remember…

IF any one can remember that would be great thanks in advance.

Hatch Technology is their name that does the ranking software.

there you go thanks alot man haha Really appreciated that

However, Hatch will NOT be developing the scoring or field control software in the future.


Including this upcoming season?

Any clues on who is going to pick that up?


Is it inappropriate to do a happy dance at that?

Seriously, are we allowed to know why they were terminated? I know a lot of us can make quite a few guesses…

bing You are now free to score about the field. :slight_smile:

Several of my fellow event volunteers will be happy to hear this.

If anyone snaps a picture of Karthik at the moment that he gets the news, it would probably be worth posting.

I seriously doubt that anyone is not happy about this. Those field systems gave us plenty headaches.

The quality of their work speaks for itself.


I for one am glad to hear this. Of course, I realize that the reason for this decision may have nothing to do with the utter failure of the scoring system during some of this year’s events, and I know Hatch wasn’t the only entity responsible.

However, on the two occasions this year that I got to meet and work with the particular Hatch employee who wrote the scoring software (and who is a FIRST alumnus), I was struck by the fact that he seemed rather apathetic when it came to the problems that plagued his software. I hope whoever is responsible for the scoring system in the future will be more passionate about their work.

I don’t know what made me perk up more: Finding out the end of the Hatch Era (and I even figured out most of the tricks down at Mission Mayhem, darn!), or hearing Dave make a post here about the upcoming FIRST field that didn’t involve Jello, clowns, or clownfish. :rolleyes:

(crosses his fingers for an adaptation of the IFI/WildStang-developed, one-foghorn-over-two-days-of-Championship FVC field from last year)

That field system was amazing! I second that motion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Folks I know that everyone seems happy right now that Hatch will not be involved. Remember that far away fields always look greener. Some of last years issues were FIRST based so don’t blame all on Hatch.

I for one would like to see if IFI could take over. They build the hardware, they are at all FIRST events and they have some of the best working for them (JVN ?).