flat sequences and watchdog

We are using a flat sequence in our autonomous, but it says our watchdog is not fed. There are the two main case structures and then the sequence inside the second structure. We have tried wiring the watchdog several different ways, but it keeps saying the watchdog is not fed. Why is it not fed?

It’s hard to guess based on your description. It would be a lot easier if you posted your code.

im guessing by “it” you mean the driver station. we got these errors a lot, and they error varies. the most obvious error i can think of is that you have some code in Robot Main that is preventing Teleop from running.

How have you “tried wiring watchdog several different ways”? You will need to post your code here so that we can help you.

We have the same problem h teleoperated and autonomous

It seems like your RefNum name is entired incorrectly when you get and feed the watchdog registry, or maybe you’re not feeding it at all…