Flexibility of Goal

After building the mock-up of the playing field and testing it. We noticed that the corrals of the center goal, were very flexible. In certain cases the SMALL balls would overflow bending the corrals and causing the SMALL balls to drop out. We were wondering if this was only in our goals, or was this a common problem experienced by other teams as well.

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Emery Robotics

The goals are intended to be this flexible. You can expect the official FIRST goals to be slightly more rigid, but not by a significant amount. In 2002, teams were able to, under certain circumstances, throw small balls through the outside bars and land them in the goal. I guess the flexibility of the goals is one of the quirks that makes the game so interesting.

well considering the goal that teams (some of them) are building is the low cost version of the goal, it will have some sort of play to it. however the goals that FIRST will be building will be a lil bit more stirdier but not much of a difference. in the end just have your HP through 500 balls into the goal 500 different ways. im sure 250 of them should make it in with no problem :smiley: :] :wink: besides its good practice for them anyway !!

PVC pipe, while rigid in short pieces, is very flexible in 6 to 8 foot lengths. It just adds a little more excitement to the game.

Thanks… greatly appreciated

Emery Robotics

**The goals are meant to bend, makes it interesting. It also goes away as you start to get more balls in the goals. During a practice, we noticed that the goals tend to become more stable once there are more balls inside.

However, we also saw something else. As we ‘played’ out a match, we saw that the more balls went in, it knocked others out. This may have something to do with us not using the exact balls. Probably not. This is something that all teams must conside when chosing a human player and how to use them properly in the game.** :confused:

Yeah - our goal posts bend…When it gets enough balls in it, balls start to slip out the sides because all the balls are pushing against the poles and making the gaps between them bigger. We found out that if you tighten the posts down after each practice they don’t wobble quite as much…

well the holes on our platform are not exactly alligned from top layer to the sub floor AND the holes are also about 1/8 of an inch in diameter off, and that makes a HUGE diffrence! some of the poles are leaning in, some are leaning out, and some are closer together than others.

this makes practice tough end of story. some that go through the front pipes, and some leak through the top of the back. i just hope that the goals are A LOT stiffer than i am expecting with the way ours is working. also… i really do not like having only one offical ball to practice with =P (im honestly not complaining =D)

you know you CAN purchase more balls :wink:

i know… but whats the point now with only 2 weeks until the first regional? is there really a way to like call them up and be like “hey yo first, i need like 9 more offical balls with 2 day shipping”? =D

hehe…well now, yeah I guess not…a bunch of teams ordered them, lots of them earlier on, which is why I said what I said…can you and your team actualyl get more balls before competiton? no, probably not…besides…there was also that whole back order deal as well so…yeah…but I do see yoru point. Shoot, go over and get it…shoot, go over and get it…repeat ad infinitum :wink: