Flexible Rope in Inventor

I’m working on a project for my engineering class right now, and I need to come up with a way to create a rope in inventor. Is there any way to create a flexible rope part? I know it’s possible to do chains, but I’m not sure if this is possible

It’s possible, but incredibly not worth it. A flexible rope would be a bunch of mini-ropes loosely constrained together, and it could not be a sub-assembly.

It may be easy-ish to do w/ a component pattern.

You could do a wiring harness in inventor change the wire size and color to look like rope and at both ends constrant it to another part ab both ends and then when you move the part and update the assembly the wire will move.

Yes, Inventor does support such a part.
No, does not that mean you should do it. As Taylor stated, it is rather wasteful of your time resource. Not to mention the stress it would put on your computer.

Ok then, I guess it would make more sense to just make a spline…thing… for the rope. I don’t know how much longer we have for this project, but this coming week is about all we have before finals, so…

I would not suggest using the wire harness to create rope. Every time I use the wire harness tool it really slows down my computer. Also if you go to move the parts around you might get massive constraint failure.

Matthew Simpson
Team 75 Leadership

You can make it a sub-assembly if when you insert it into the main assembly you right click the sub-assembly in the component tree and check ‘Flexible’.

…But I still don’t suggest adding hundreds of constraints your assembly has to update every time you want to do something. :ahh:


It lags like crazy if you do that. I’ve done it before just to see… Not very nice:ahh: