Flexible Wire Suppliers


I did a search and the last thread I see on wire suppliers is from 2007. I’m sure things have changed a bit since then.

I’m interested in wire to connect my Victor/Jaguar to a motor. In my current application the motor will move as the mechanism moves, so flexibility of the wire is key. The other requirement in my particular application is the wire needs to be #12AWG. Basic KOP or even TEW wire seems a bit too stiff. I did a Digi-Key search and found Silicone wire, but at over $200 for a 100 foot roll, it seemed a bit rich for my team’s budget.

Anyone care to shared preferred suppliers of flexible wire in this or any other size?


Mcmaster carries a wide variety of wire, and tends to be cheaper the digikey. We do most of our wiring with McMaster Zip Wire (9697T4 for 12 awg) which is more flexible then the KOP wire, but may or may not be flexible enough for your application. They also sell silicone wire for about $1.50 a foot.

Another option well known by RC car people is Dean’s wire. They call it “wet noodle”. http://www.robotmarketplace.com/products/0C-WSD01R.html

I’m not sure if it’s applicable in Canada, but in the states we have West Marine which is essentially a store for boaters (they are also online at www.westmarine.com). They sell the Ancor brand of primary wire designed for marine applications, but it also complies with several UL and CSA specifications. It has a high strand count and is very flexible compared to traditional hook-up wire. We use welding wire for the heavy gauge applications (4 and 6 AWG), but for everything between 10 AWG and 20 AWG we use the Ancor stuff. It can be purchased by the foot or by the spool, which really helps keep costs down. Nothing worse than having $500 tied up in spools of wire that will take 10 years to use up.