Flickr FIRST game...

Any of you folks been to this site:

It is a very fun game based on flickr photos. It picks random photos that share the same tag and you complete to name the tag based on the photos you see.

I think this could make a very fun FIRST game. Suppose we had a library of photos with tags based on their first team number. The photos could be team shots, robot shots, shots of the town or highschool or sponsor logo of the team, shots where there are a mixed group of robots or drivers or whatever. Points are awarded for identifying the common team number in group of photos.

This would be a HUGE amount of work but… …it would be fun and I think it would build the sense of community among FIRST teams. We’d all learn a lot more about the 1000 or so other teams.

I am not looking to do this myself. I am looking for someone with more time than sense to think about doing it over the summer and seeing if we can make it happen.

Just a suggestion. What do you think?

Joe J.

The new CD-Media will be loaded up with the old (current) gallery, and once that happens it will need some dedicated people with lots of free time to go through and tag all 10,000+ photos.

I wonder if someone would want to write something to use CD-Media’s tags (which will be available via RSS/XML feeds, etc.).

Not it.

Yes, yes, a 1000 times yes. I was not looking at this as a backdoor to asking Brandon to do it (when I have impossible/unreasonable tasks I want done, I ask him straight out :wink:

I am sure their are others who may find this an interesting and worthy problem to attack.

I am quite serious in that I think it would be a great community builder.

Joe J.

If someone gets a tagged library of images up… I’ll… wipes sweat off brow… I’ll… gulps… I’ll do it!

Get it working off of the XML feeds from Flickr and by the time you have that going, CD-Media should be ready to go. If not, I’ll work to make it happen. (You’ll have to let me know of your progress, and if you need more/different info that Flickr doesn’t provide)

Yeah, I’m actually a member of the community whose members put the Flickr one together (the amazing Metafilter). I’m going to contact the author(s) for the origional code.