Flip Flopping Between Labview and JAVA/C++ on the Roborio

This season, I’m running multiple parallel software development paths with the software team. Some are working with Labview as their preferred tool, others are working with JAVA, and others still with C++ (My goal is this team will know ALL of the languages).

My question is what is the process/procedure for setting up the Roborio to flip flop between languages? For example the Labview team will deploy and test and the JAVA team will then want to deploy and test their code and vice versa.

I haven’t needed to flip flop between programming languages for a few years, but in time gone by you used to need to RE-IMAGE the Rio for either Java or Labview every time you wanted to switch.

IIRC, that isn’t necessary now, but I’m assuming something needs to be done to tell the Roborio which runtime environment to execute. So is there a process or procedure that can be followed to make it as painless as possible?

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No need to reimage. Just deploy from each language (deploying LabView will run LabView, deploying C++ or Java will run C++ or Java). The deployment stuff handles it all for you.

That is much easier!
Thank you Peter. Greatly appreciated!

This is somewhat related, there is new Tuner update (1.5.9) that we just posted

In the course of improving our deployment strategy for the temporary diag server, we actually now provide a way to choose running the deployed LabVIEW app versus the deployed language app (C++ or Java). That wasn’t a design goal, just a consequence of how our strategy works. We now use it internally since we routinely deployed LV and language applications to a single RIO, and switch between them as we need.

Why would you want to do this? How will knowing all three languages improve anything? Last I checked, you can’t have a single project with more than one language (C++ and Java might be possible via JNI, but shouldn’t be used widely).

The reasons are simple.

Why be limited to a single language?
A good software developer uses any language that is best suited to met their needs at the time.

Why be constrained by the limitations of a given language?
Not all languages are equal, not all languages implement all functions.

Give yourself the ability to choose the best language to meet your requirements.
Not lock yourself into one and only one choice.

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2010 World champion team 67 used LabVIEW at their first and third competitions and C++ and the second and 4th. Perhaps more teams should try it.

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