Flipping Camera Image

Is there a way in programming to flip the camera image?

There are several ways. On the camera itself or in NI Vision Assistant, you can set it to rotate the image 180 degrees, which is typically what you use when you mount the camera upside down on the robot. There are also processing steps for mirroring the image.

To log into the camera, on a camera on the same subnet as the camera, type the camera IP address into the address of a web browser and hit enter. Log into the camera with an account such as FRC FRC, or the admin account, and on the imaging or imaging advanced tab, you’ll find an image rotation.

Greg McKaskle

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Probably the easiest way is to use the option on the Axis camera itself to invert the image.
Just browse to the camera to find and make the setting.

I just logged into the camera and flipped it. Thanks for the help