Flipping Rule

Hello at our competition in Midland Michigan this week some robots came close to tipping us over in the playoffs. I was wondering if there were any rules preventing them from doing so, or if there was a penalty if they did.

That depends on where you are on the field and what time of the game is it. If you look at the centerline district, there’s a match were a robot is totally flipped by a defensive bot.

We are in their zone trying to score. Also was their a penalty when this happen couldn’t find the video.

G24 Strategies aimed at the destruction or inhibition of ROBOTS via attachment, damage, tipping,
entanglements, or deliberately putting a BOULDER on an opponent’s ROBOT are not allowed.
Violation: FOUL and YELLOW CARD. If harm or incapacitation occurs as a result of the strategy,

So the action has to be ruled by the Judge as an intentional act of our strategy.
Being that we (TORC 2137) was playing D, which is allowed by the rules, and that the bot that was flipped, (don’t remember number, it was in the semis “at Waterford” which I can not find posted on youtube) was actively engaging us, and other times we had hit them and backed off prior to flipping them, we were not penalized at all.

Then, I believe there is no foul unless it’s in the last 20 seconds.

There was a red card issued for flipping a robot during the QF at Seneca yesterday

OK thanks a lot I’ll make sure to look at the replay when it gets released.

Was it intentional or how was the robot flipped?

At Waterford there was discussion about ours, and I could have seen it being flagged too.

But I think the judge got it right in our case. We were playing hard D, which is allowed by the rules, it was not in the last 20 seconds.

You don’t get to score a goal uncontested, because you designed a tippy robot.

There was a good example of this in F2 at Lakeview. With about 50 seconds left, 85 and 5980 get into a head-on confrontation in front of the blue tower. BoB wins and the blue bot goes over backwards, out for the rest of the match. You can clearly see the Head Ref calling the foul (the only one assessed against red that match) a second or two later. No yellow card.

That same incident was featured in the Week 2 episode (Season 2 Episode 3) of RoboZone. 2:48.

Robot was playing very tough defense. Had the other robot up on end, backed up, then hit again, causing the tip.

If video ever shows up, it will be here: https://www.thebluealliance.com/match/2016njtab_qf4m1

I’m not seeing what the flurry of fouls on blue was immediately after that red flag. If BoB could have just not done that last little push at the end I think they might have not earned that tipping foul either…

Second blue robot in their courtyard.

Forgot about robozone, here is our hit at Waterford, that was not flagged.

Ahhhh, you forget about the simple rules when you haven’t played yet. Rough call though since the first one was definitely out of play, would that still stand if the flipped bot had been e-stopped?

The key phrase here is really “came close to”. There is no rule for “intent to tip, but didn’t” or anything like that, and for good reason. It’s just too easy for it to accidentally happen, and ideally both robots return to the ground without tipping in this situation.

In the course of a normal pushing match between robots with high traction wheels, especially with bumpers high above the drive line, momentary tips where one or both robots leave the ground for a fraction of a second are very normal. When this happens, the pushing driver should back off on the controls to prevent the robot from fully tipping and allowing it to come back down to the ground to rest. If this driver continues to push forward, particularly if they contact the bottom of the robot they are pushing, and then takes the robot off of their wheels, then it is possible that they will get the tipping penalty, depending on a variety of factors (how tippable the opposing robot is, when did the tipper robot back off, etc).

S2-E2 Robozone. 17:43

hey we are the ones who got tipped on our backs.

IMHO, that is not a G24 “tipping”. It doesn’t seem like there was a “strategy” to cause the tipping. Blue kept coming at Red, and Red pushed back.

It could be a G24 “initiating deliberate contact” within the frame perimeter. When Blue tipped, it seems like Red might have contacted the bottom (within the frame perimeter) of the Blue Bot.

An alliance was assessed a yellow card in playoffs at North Shore after attempting to shove a defensive bot out of the way, an almost, but not, tipping them in the process. The head ref called it egregious and aggressive ramming, however the defensive bot was perfectly in tact afterwards. One other thing to note is that the entire situation occurred behind a sally port, making it impossible for the offensive alliance to see well what was happening.