FLL/Campbells Soup Labels

I had the pleasure of judging FRC last weekend in Philly, partnered with Carlos del Sol, VP of Global Engineering Systems for Campbell Soup.

Do you know that no FLL teams have cashed in the Campbell’s Soup labels for free FLL kits? Sure it’s a lot of labels, (42,900), but with a little momentum and community support, this is a no-brainer.

Spread the word.


our team has been doing this since the fall… we have yet to count how much though…great idea though.

just tell all your family members and post it in the school bulletin. many teachers w/ college kids seem to have a lot…

That is incredible! I had no idea that this program even existed, it will be very useful when we finally (soon, I hope!) get a team up and running at my former grade school!

That’s a great idea! Thanks for the info

I had forgotten about how you could get stuff from those labels. Now that I remember, I do recall that my middle school used to collect countless amounts (in a giant Campbell soup can/cooler none the less) and we were able to get a lot of books from them.

Would anyone happen to know if you don’t collect all 42,900 labels, can you use the ones you have as a discount? Like say would having 21,450 labels = 1/2 the price for the kit?