FLL City Shaper Mission Strategy Worksheet

Hey all! I’ve been coaching FLL teams since 2015 and I wanted to share a mission strategy worksheet I made that I use with my teams every year. I have found it is really helpful in getting the kids to fully understand the robot game. The worksheet gives them numerical values to compare missions against one another, so they can better decide which missions to focus on first. I also added a rules Q&A section this year, as there are some pretty significant changes in City Shaper that I want to make sure my kids are aware of.

Here is a link to the blank worksheet:

And here is a link to my key. My difficulty ratings may be different than your kids’ - I based mine off of playing with the game board for a bit and comparing to past FLL games, but I did not put a ton of time into analyzing the difficulty of each mission:

Best of luck to all the teams playing City Shaper this year!


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