FLL City Shaper Pre-Match Field Checklist

Hi All!

FRC 6328’s FLL teams are competing this weekend, so we prepared a pre-match field checklist for our kids to use. Our kiddos use this to ensure the field is set up properly each time, so they don’t lose any points to misplaced models (which as many of you know from running the events, it’s easy to mess up on an FLL field!)

Here is a link to the checklist if you are interested in using it:



Neat! I’ll send this out to my mailing list. Great for referees to use, too, if the region doesn’t provide them with something like this already.

It is worth adding a check box for verifying that there are not objects left on the field that should not be on the field.

We had an instance where the Referees did not reset the field properly and left a game piece where there should not have been anything. It was in the path of a robot and messed it up.

It would also be a good idea to add something to each of the checks to ensure that the models that are supposed to be attached to the mat with Dual Lock are securely attached. If they are not attached properly, they might not function as expected when the robot interacts with it.

It’s a good list for practice (other than that there is no Base* this year).

But, do not go to the competition table and start making changes. Inspect, and then ask the referee to do anything that needs to be done.

*(Base has been replaced by the Launch Area and Home. If teams don’t know the difference, they need to study the rules and updates before their events!)

Yep. In other words, rtfm. Or, for FLL, rtm.

Yes, those are great suggestions, thank you! (: I added those two questions to the checklist.

Yes, should have clarified, the kids inspect the field and if there are any errors they ask the referee to make changes. I added a footer with that note.

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