FLL Game Video?

Okay so I’ve had one of these crazy ideas in my head since the nats and maybe before that. FIRST has a game video, why can’t FLL have one? Sure its a lot of work, and it wouldn’t be done until a few weeks after the release of the challenge, but its an interesting concept for showing the crowd at events. If I remember correctly last year one team had a small FLL portion to their animation entry.


Last year we hosted a FLL event, and at our school we have a big and well funded multimedia program (called CATCOM), some of the members of CATCOM tried to do an animation of the field, but it was never completed. I believe this was because it took much longer than anticipated. I know that Dave Lavery does most, if not all of the work on the FRC video. Last year there was a video made from real Lego’s to show the theme, I cant imagine it would be too hard to do the same sort of video for the game field, but I don’t know for sure. It would be cool though to see a FLL game video.

For the past two FLL seasons, we’ve been treated with the creativity of two amazing gentlemen; FLL coaches Skye Sweeney and Ken Streeter. They’ve put life on hold to come up with incredible Lego animation videos about each years games. Those videos can be found under “Dr. Justin Case Movie Information” on Skye Sweeney’s home page. We’re all anxiously awaiting 2005’s Ocean Odyssey video - I’ve heard rumours that one is on the way.