FLL Mentor Feedback Needed

Hi all you lovely robotics nerds. I have a favor to ask of you. I am currently working to build a new resource for FLL YAMs and coaches that will provide them with key advice to support them and provide them with the confidence they need to run strong FLL teams.

Personally, I have been involved with the FLL program for eight years, developing insight into how to mentor, but I know that just my knowledge is not enough to make this resource impactful.

I’m looking for mentors (and coaches) who are interested in providing me with feedback about the strategies they’ve found most effective in motivating and teaching their students in the various sections of FLL.

Please let me know if you are interested in providing me with your own expertise while I begin work on this project.

You of course have my support in this.

The strategy we’ve seen most effective so far is partnering FLL teams in the same space as an FRC team. It’s lead to some of the best collaboration I think I’ve ever seen for the FLL team. We’ve even had adoption of FLL paradigms by the FRC team for developing reliable/repeatable autonomous routines. Good stuff! Granted, I’m a little biased. :wink:

I second the FRC connection as a great way to help FLL teams be successful. It’s also good for the FRC kids, of course. Most of the strong programs in our region are either mentored by a FRC team, are part of a home school program, or both.

You might get more info asking this on the official FIRST FLL forums - forums.usfirst.org. More FLL types hang out there than here.

I have a mailing list for FLL Resources and updates with about 75 teams on it and one of the biggest FLL Resource websites so we should talk.

Thank you so much! This is wonderful feedback, and access to an FLL mailing list would be amazing. We should connect.