FLL Ocean Odyssey Challenge

We have posted pictures of the 2005 challenge mat and models on our Sharon Youth Robotics Association website - www.syraweb.org. Given that the sets ship over an extended period, many registered teams haven’t seen them yet.

looks pretty cool…

i know lego has sharks and dolphins pieces i guess of course there is a reason why they are now made of bricks…

let the games begin!! good luck to all the FLL teams…it should once again be really exciting. I can’t wait to hear about the different missions and projects :slight_smile:

I just got back from a FLL meeting…let me tell you this will be fun!

Wicked Cool! As a former FLL kid and the prospects of there being a local FLL team kinda in a loop I like being able to look at the field. I think it looks kinda amatuer compared to the proffesionalism of previous years. I am also looking forward to the different robots becuase I plan to walk around all day at my local tournament with a video camera.

The map this year doesn’t seem to have a difference in height, which kinda dissapoints. I always loved the prospect of having a drivetrain climb the heights but they made it more interesting by getting rid of most of the lines, leaving teams to use the cartesian coordinates, time, or rotation sensors. Fun, fun, fun!

Go Teams!

I would have to disagree. But then I have an advantage because I have it set up in my house :slight_smile:

The research vessel is mounted on a “wobbly” platform. One can only presume that robots will need to get onto the research vesel. which may be a challenge due to the slop and the unstable nature of the platform.

Also, something not obvious from looking at a picture of the field is the VERY insteresting way the flags are placed. I won’t tip it, and no idea what the mission there will be, but it is obvious it will be very hard.



Hi, Jason from 759 here…

Just wondering if you have the dimensions of the mat?

Any info much appreciated.

It is 8 feet x 4 feet. If you look at prior year challenges on the fll website you can see how the board it sits on is constructed.



As a mentor of a team, the field looks interestingly difficult to navigate through.
That may change when the objectives are released, so that’s just a first impression. Nonetheless, good luck to all teams this year.


We’ve got frames from previous years, but just wanted to know if we’d need to alter them at all.

Thanks very much.

With the release of the 2005 FLL Ocean Odyssey Challenge, we have posted a document containing the entire challenge in an easily printed format, both .doc or .pdf files, at our association website: http://www.syraweb.org/OceanOdyssey.htm .

Brilliant, thank you.