FLL off-season event question

Team 1155 and 2265 are hosting an FLL event in June, and we have trouble looking up and finding FLL teams in our area; we’re based in Bronx, NY. I couldnt find any information regarding what teams went to the smaller regional events; the most up to date team list i could find was from the NYC FLL championship list from 2010. Can anyone help us with this or suggest teams? We would appreciate it immensely. If any teams have hosted FLL off season events in the past, it would be great if you could give us tips on how to run things. Thank You!

I would contact people at the regional level of FIRST. For you, it looks this: http://nycnjfirst.org/contact/ is their contact info. They should be able to put you into contact with your local FLL teams and possibly get the word out.

Above information = very good way to get in contact.


1511 just hosted their FLL scrimmage, and can send you team contacts for FLL teams in the Rochester area if you’d like.