FLL Robots

Hey guys, forgive my ignorance but I’ve never worked with FLL before.

We (team 3641) are hosting an FLL event this year in mid November and I was drafted for field manager haha. Could someone give a brief overview of robot communication or is the robot stuff all pre-programmed? Thanks.

All pre programmed. The announcer will say “3,2,1, LEGO!” and the match will begin. The students start the applications,and the referees and the field has nothing impact it.

N.B.: I haven’t been involved in FLL since 2013, so maybe things have changed. :confused:

You’re correct

You should attend this webinar to get an overview of how the (official) timing/scoring software works. The Field Manager at the FLL events BadgerBOTS runs (me) is responsible for setting up and monitoring the use of the software. Your event may be run differently.

See the definitions of FLL positions here: http://www.firstinspires.org/sites/default/files/uploads/resource_library/volunteer/first-lego-league-volunteer-role-descriptions.pdf

As a field manager, you’re basically a cross between the what is the field supervisor and lead queue position in FRC. But I’m thinking heavier on the queuing function. There will have to be others who are experts on field reset and repair. I’ll work with you on the day to coordinate your activities.

If you can get to Oxford the week before Crumble Rumble, you’ll get some idea of what will be happening. And just a heads up, things are a little different in the morning and afternoon sessions, because judging is in the morning only.

Please make sure competition tables are sturdy and even (as much as possible) and please ask game judges (especially if they are young, high school or under grads) to be careful around the game tables. Bumping table will ruin robot run. Robots are fully autonomous, many teams have just aim and shoot and some sensing, bumping can cause serious problems.

FLL teams are awesome, their chants, team spirit… Wow

Thanks guys, I saw many of those websites and came to the same conclusion that it was all preprogrammed, I was just making sure haha. I’ll be shadowing an experienced person soon anyways so that should iron out all the wrinkles. Thanks.

I can even make you the field manager at Oxford too. :slight_smile:

We are hosting our first FIRST FLL event too this year, team is excited!
(I hope we survive. :slight_smile: )

Everything has mostly been covered. Essentially everything is programmed ahead of time. Drivers (they are now called Technicians) can only select a program to run while the robot is in base.The base is the white area (ignore the middle line–it is irrelevant as highlighted in this image. Two fields run opposite to each other. Other than one cooperative mission, the two fields have no other interactions. There is a border (usually made out of tape) around the field (plus a few feet). Only the referee and two drivers per team are allowed in this area at any given time.

You may want to watch the challenge release video. The mission model cheat sheet that I made may also be of use.