FLL scrimmage Feb 23, Join us !


We are writing to say thanks to the community of FIRST teams for your assist and support of our rookie FLL season. Especially to the Chief Delphi community and teams who have sent mentors, advice, and encouragement. Our kids are chomping at the bit as we ramp up to host our first FLL scrimmage on Feb. 23, http://joep99.googlepages.com/highvoltage .

Originally expecting to start 1 team of less than 10 elementary school students, imagine our surprise when 40 kids showed up at the first meeting. No one was turned away, and we have managed to serve every child by creating 3 teams.

As you know, time and money are in short supply for rookie teams, and our 3 new teams are no exception. Although we are looking to raise some modest funds on 2/23, this will be used to expand the FLL league with new teams from our middle school student body.

We are currently sharing one Lego Mindstorms kit per 10 kids, which is severely limiting the effectiveness of our meetings. Imagine 10 kids with short attention spans trying to share 1 of anything ! We are in immediate need of 1 additional kit per team, which can be re-used in future years. By having the ability to purchase these 3 kits ASAP, we are giving more of our kids the opportunity to design, prototype, build, and become hooked on robotics !

Please consider a one-time donation towards meeting our goal of $750, which is the cost of 3 additional kits. This will go a long way towards engaging our kids today, and strengthening the FRC team members of tomorrow.

Sue and Joe Persichetti
[email protected]
on behalf of FLL teams 7171, 3304, 7096