FLL Senior Solutions Field Setup Kit

Greetings FIRST teams!

Does anyone have an FLL Senior Solution (2012-2013) field setup kit that they’re willing to part with? I saw one for sale on ebay for $200, so I was hoping someone out there might be willing to part with theirs for a bit less. :slight_smile: I really like the FLL challenge this year and I’d love to use this for our summer school robotics course for 6th-8th graders.


I would suggest checking with your area’s Regional Director. In our region we sometimes get request to loan out previous years sets to teams holding camps. It may be something that you area recycles them to teams after the season is over. Can’t hurt to ask.

And a location other than united states would help responders give more helpful answers. How close to 06033 are you?

Hi Bill,

Sorry about that. I’m in Los Angeles, CA. I’d be happy to pay for the cost of shipping of course.

Contact your local organizational partner for FLL.
I know we recycle these kits here out to the teams/camps.

There are a few specialized parts in the field, but perhaps the first step should be to take a look at the field model building instructions to see if it were possible to build some or most of the models from parts you have on hand already. The field mat is a different story of course. However, you are in luck in that regard. I happen to have several lightly used mats on hand. If this option sounds plausible, I would ship a mat to you for the cost of shipping and rolled container. Let’s PM details, etc. :]

Check with your regional partner first. Many of them are happy to promote FLL in whatever way they can.