FLL Spike Prime V3 Changed From .llsp to .llsp3 and Deleted Code

Hi all!

The SPIKE Prime App recently updated to V3, and with it, they changed their accepted file type for both their programs and the SPIKE Prime Hub. LEGO prompts you to update your hub, which we did, and after the update it had wiped the whole hub and all the code with it. Additionally, the files we had saved were only in .llsp instead of the new accepted .llsp3, so we were not able to re-upload our code.

We are competing at the MA State Champs Saturday, and are looking for some way to fix this as we currently have no code on our robot. Simply renaming the file to .llsp3 did not work for us, although we will try that again today. Is there anyone who knows how to either fix this or convert .llsp to .llsp3 files? Any help would be greatly appreciated both for us and for anyone else who is also having issues with this new update.

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No good news for you. I would downgrade.

So it looks like the latest Spike update removes some block functionality. The intention is to simplify the blocks and remove some redundant/confusing features, but the net effect is that programs using these old features will have undefined behavior if you simply rename your projects and import them into the new software.

So the best thing to do is NOT update your Spike software from v2 to v3. If you do, the downgrade is possible but can be very painful and time consuming.

We will be at WPI for the MA FLL Championship this weekend, and we’re working up some rapid mitigation strategies for teams that get bitten by this upgrade. If you know of any teams experiencing problems, we will be operating an informal Spike First Aid station to help with recovery. Just look for the Walpole teams 55822 and 56346 - any of our coaches can help.

Best of luck to all teams this weekend!



I’m not sure if this is still important to you, but try opening the .llsp file with a program like 7zip. An .llsp file is similar to a zip file. It contains several files, usually around 3 or 4. One of these files is an SVG file named ‘icon.svg.’ This file stores a screenshot of the project. It might not be perfect, but with this screenshot, you can somewhat reconstruct the project.

Hope this information helps! Good luck in the upcoming tournament: Masterpiece (2023).


Yes, around this time last year I did a deep dive into the .llsp file format. Once you unzip the contents, it is pretty easy to see what’s going on inside the program. The cached image of teh program diagram did surprise me, but it’s all you really need to reproduce the code in a newer version.