FLL Summer Camp Survival Guide

With the incredible growth of FLL teams, many FRC teams are choosing to establish FLL feeder programs. One of the common obstacles with feeder programs is the cost of kits to meet the demand of students interested in forming FLL teams. FLL feeder programs are usually profitable for FRC teams, but only after a few years has offset the cost of FLL kits and parts. KING TeC 2169 has chosen to run an FLL summer camp in order to combat this cost and make an FLL feeder program profitable more quickly. I am looking for input from teams who see the value in FLL summer camps, would like to start FLL summer camps, or have started FLL summer camps. I will be putting together a FLL summer camp survival guide for FRC teams who want to start an FLL summer camp, and wish to include as much relevant information as possible. The guide will be written in a business plan format since many teams are familiar with that format from the entrepreneurship award. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.